View and Download Kawasaki Ninja service manual online. Ninja Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Ninja abs, Er-6f, Er-6f abs. Visit Kawasaki Motor Corps., USA owners center for up to date service manuals, parts diagrams, ROK™ info, owner support, warranty info, Kawasaki Protection. Kawasaki NINJA R User Manual • Preparation • Kawasaki Motorcycles.

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Model Name of the Battery. Tapping the shaft or body could damage the motor.

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650rr manual also for: The headlight does not go on when the ignition switch and the engine stop switch are first turned on. Using another air cleaner element will wear the engine prema- turely or lower the engine performance. Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter: Torque – Water Pump Cover Bolts: Present shim is 2. Learn and ob- serve all the rules below.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 — Owner’s Manual

Air Switching Valve 3. Overall Width mm Such a shock to the sensor can damage it. The thermostat is a wax 650d type which opens or closes with coolant temperature changes. Green Paint Marks 6.

Drive Chain Slack — — — ECU Main Relay 9. Fuse Box 1 9. Thrust Washer, 30 mm 1. Clamp with Damper Hold the rear brake hose.

Free downloadable Kawasaki owners manuals | Kawasaki Motors Australia

Vehicle-down Sensor Lead 3. Be sure to strictly follow the Battery Service instructions in this Manual. Install the shim specified where the lines intersect. Water Temperature Sensor 3. Torque – Front Axle: For these reasons, Kawasaki does not recommend temporary exter- nal repair.


Kawasaki Ninja – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

If the lining thickness of either pad is less than the service limit [B], replace both pads in the caliper as a set. Headlight Circuit Relay B: Torque – Upper Crankcase Bolts: Spark plug dirty, broken or gap maladjusted Inspect and replace see chapter 2.

Clamp Hold the turn signal light lead. If they show any damage, replace the dust seals with new ones. If the frame is bent, dented, cracked, or warped, replace it. If there is the continuity in the lead, replace the ABS hy- draulic unit. Tire Repair Also, permanent internal repairs have the advantage of permitting a thorough examination for secondary damage not visible from external inspection of the tire. If there is any doubt as to the condition of the reeds, re- place the air suction valve as an assembly.

Main Fuse 30 A 9. Do not use fluid from a container that has been left unsealed or that has been open for a long time.

Al- though no adjustments are required, a thorough visual in- spection must be made at the intervals specified by the Pe- nninja Maintenance Chart. Clamps Hold the rear brake hose. Changing the rear brake fluid is the same as for the front brake.


Main Fuse 30 A 4. Rear shock adjustment too soft Front fork, rear shock absorber spring weak Battery discharged: The battery used in this motorcycle is a sealed.

Check the oil level before each use and change the oil and filter according to the ninjaa maintenance chart. Run the radiator fan lead inside the frame. These names must be the same. Replace the caliper if the cylinder and piston are badly scores or rusty. Service Code 51, 52 Stick Coil Circuit 1. Battery 650d making poor contact Load excessive e. If any of the brake line fittings, including the ABS hydraulic unit joint nuts, or the bleed valve is opened at any time, the air must be bled completely from the brake line.

Frame Ground 2 4. If the low beam headlight does not go on, inspect or re- place the following item. Page Terminal Names 1.

Throttle Sensor Setting Adapter: Engine Oil Flow Chart Intake air pressure sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3.

Also, permanent internal repairs have the advantage of permitting a thorough examination for secondary damage not visible from external inspection of the tire.