29C K 32K x 8 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory Features. Fast Read Access Time 70 ns 5-volt Only Reprogramming Page Program Operation. AT29C Datasheet, 29C k ns CMOS Flash Memory Datasheet, buy AT29C 29C datasheet, 29C circuit, 29C data sheet: ATMEL – K 32K x 8 5 -volt Only CMOS Flash Memory,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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According to the schematic that I have, pin 1 is connected to pin 27 check this with an ohmmeter and labeled A JohnMiles, could you elaborate? Install the program attached to this post http: I haven’t determined if they are connected to anything else. If it doesn’t like your drive, then the problem’s hardware, not software.

29C (ATMEL) – k 32k X 8 5-volt Only Cmos Flash Memory

Now I can make changes to the bios without getting out the UV eraser. Assuming he has the particular type you need I think I’d pay the extra.

The issue is mostly one of terminology. Are the 28cs pin compatable with the 27cs? Do ya think 29c526 29c will work in place of the 27c?

I also don’t care about speed. It doesn’t need to be pin-compatible, although that would be nice. Programming is a little tricky–you do it in blocks of 64 bytes and then wait for the programming to be complete by reading the address of the 64th byte datawheet. That would be pretty cool, but I would need to be able to select between U18 or U I don’t know why this is. Not an ‘answer’ per se, just an opinion: You shouldn’t need your programmer. Maybe I could run some wires from my programmer TOP to the sockets.


I hope to inspire some to grad school.

29c256 datasheet pdf

Ellen Spertus 2 9 Both pin 1’s are already isolated, so that won’t be a problem. They have a good price.

K2, Sorry about the repeated thread hijacking, but I can’t seem to help myself! The users who 29cc256 to close gave this specific reason: Just a simple pin swap–between 1 and Close enough–pin 1 on the 28C is A14, while on the 27C it’s Vpp.

The 29C should work without any socket mods. As far as I know, yes it can.

Looking for 27SF256 or 29C256…

You could datasgeet try Jameco. The damned thing still refuses to do 1. I’ve thougt the same thing, but don’t know where to start. Fortunately, it’s possible for software to enable or disable protection so that this can’t happen.

Does it work similarly on a such as what the OP is using? I’ll take a look at the schematics and see if anything looks good.

Thanks for looking into the matter! I’m trying to use one of my dualie drives as i’m short on slide rails, so it’s either the controller or the drive, it may be the drive in reality, tonight is the night i try my everex controller and see what happens. There must be something more ellegant that wouldn’t need any external hardware.


Yes, I booted a with it with its ROM chips removed. Specifically, it should be reasonably priced, reliable, easily available and likely to remain so.

29C 데이터시트(PDF) – ATMEL Corporation

I don’t think you’re doing your students any favors by getting them to build stuff out of series TTL in this day and age. I find the hands-on work, including the debugging, to really get this information across to all levels of students.

Datasbeet also compared a datasheet for a 29c and found the pins to line up better to the 27c BTW, when ordering EPROMs be sure to check the complete part number carefully to make sure you’re getting the right package and that they are indeed eraseable; one-time-programmable OTP versions without darasheet quartz window usually have the same base part number, with just a different letter in the suffix denoting a different package i.