Editorial Reviews. Review. “Following the Trend is an absolute must read for anyone with an Follow the Author. Andreas Clenow. + Follow. Andreas F. Clenow. ISBN: pages. January Following the Trend: Diversified Managed Futures Trading () cover. Andreas Clenow. · Rating details · ratings · 10 reviews. During bull and bear markets, there is a group of hedge funds and professional traders which.

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The fallacies are usually about mentioning stocks that went up a few thousand percent, and how trend following models totally would have captured this.

Ajusal Sugathan rated it it was amazing May 14, Before you read this article, you need to make a decision. Return to Book Page.

Wiley Trading

I bet you’re wondering about the title of this article. Print this page Share. Besides the common sense arguments of having lost the advantages of diversification and leverage, there’s quite a bit of actual, empiric evidence. This is, of course, for demonstration of concept only because I’m not comparing risk adjusted returns, but in any case it shows how dumb are moving average based strategies that are holding countless assets all the time when higher returns can be generated only, let’s say, 3 days in a month: You end up mainly trading beta anyhow.

I can assure you that real hedge funds are a little more sophisticated and are fully aware of the special situation in stocks. July 20, Premium 1 Comment 5, Views. February 8, Premium 3 Comments 11, Views. As for the cousin, well, going on anecdotal evidence anything is possible. These traders are highly secretive about their proprietary trading algor During bull and bear markets, there is a group of hedge funds and professional traders which have been consistently outperforming traditional investment strategies for the past 30 odd years.


Stocks are prone to rapid vola expansion in bear markets. August 25, Premium 12 Comments 13, Views. Following the Trend explains why most hopefuls fail by focusing on the wrong things, such as buy and sell rules, and teaches the truly important parts of trend following.

Following the Trend

Of course you do. Aaron rated it it was amazing May 15, July 24, Articles 1 Comment 21, Views. Trend following is a andrdas concept but be very aware of its limitations.

At least it’s changing with diminishing returns. Winning Strategies and Their Rationale. It also has no stops and no targets.

Following the Trend: Diversified Managed Futures Trading

Single stock vola can change dramatically over time. X To apply for permission please send your request to permissions wiley.

January 4, Articles 8 Comments 28, Views. Inside the Black Box: Follow the trend is your friend. If however you are willing to adapt and move to momentum strategies, your chances will greatly improve.

Many books are written about them but none explain their strategies in such detail as to enable the reader to emulate their success and create their own trend following trading business, until now. For years, people smarter than me have been telling me to get into Python. Its fun to read. Where most trend following books speak in general terms about how a strategy like andrdas works, this book walks you through all the steps and pitfalls of developing and living through a trend based futures strategy.


Jun 28, Tadas Talaikis rated it did not like it. Refresh and try again.

By analysing followijg by year trend following performance and attribution the reader will be able to build a deep understanding of what it tred like to trade futures in large ghe and where the real problems and opportunities lay. I have no reason to say that something works or does not work, unless that’s based on experience and research. Deepanshu rated it really liked it Aug 16, April 15, Articles 39 Comments 57, Views. While there would be obvious advantages with hiring chimps over hedge fund traders, such as lower salaries and better manners, there are also a few practical obstacles to such hiring practices.

Peter Lavetsky rated it it was amazing Jan 25, These traders are highly secretive about their proprietary trading algorithms and often employ top PhDs in their research teams. You need to analyze the total return series, trade the price series and have logic in place for how to handle the dividends when they come in.

Fundamental Analysis and Position Trading: