Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy) [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the. Legacy is a series of novels by Cayla Kluver that follow a young princess that must decide between a forbidden love and her obligations to her kingdom. Kluver . Legacy by Cayla Kluver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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After a while the corpses of the cqyla were found at the city gates And uh, just to clarify, most people who get stabbed in the stomach die in medieval settings, because, you know, there’s the little problem of human anatomy with intestines and infection and uh, exactly how does this guy know that Narian hasn’t killed him from the stomach wound?

The dialogue is forced. There are many other wonderful characters in this story that I will save for you to explore. On top of all of this there are secrets of ancient origins that threaten to tear Hytanica apart and bring her to war. I started skimming through pages then skipping ahead because I honestly could not get into it. Like for example, at the end when Steldor told Alera that since their “marriage of convenience” was no longer convenient for her because Narian came back.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. That said, she’s probably more heavy handed than necessary to get her point across, yes, we know she’s trying to break into a male dominated world even though she’s queen now and be the one making the life and death decisions for her kingdom, and sometimes it makes her look meaner for it, but she has her moments where she makes the hard choices that makes her actions understandable, though in a few places I think the pressures do get to her.

He is an arragont, conceited, jerk. Hytanica was a patriarchal place and no woman could rule for it was the job of a man. The Eternity Cure Julie Kagawa. I loved all the action and I really liked the back stories of all the smaller characters, cahla knowing their stories made it even harder to kuver about them being tortured and killed by the overlord but it was a really good book and I can’t wait to read the third!! London is always off doing something covert and, really, don’t his stealthy secret missions account for at least a quarter of his hotness?


And I think it is a strong debut for some one in their late teens. If you think Bella from Twilight is weak and one-dimensional, think again. She oegacy should not have been forgiven!

Legacy Series

This coming-of-age tale is one filled from start to finish with mysteries, lies, intrigue and a touch of romance that blooms throughout. Ultimately, she ruined the whole book for me. The over explaining, lack of resolution, and a muddy ending hurt this story for me. Previously published on my blog: Every time I read this cajla it felt like I was transported into a different time.

Young adult book reviews: *Legacy* by Cayla Kluver – Curled Up With A Good Kid’s Book

Only problem is, Alera has the stupidest priorities. With two more books to come in the series, I’m eagerly anticipating what’s next. Somehow, she was trapped between her desires and her loyalty.

I think there’s one, if not more, in every sentence. I think it’s great leagcy managed to write a book, at 16 the only thing Legacyy was writing were love notes to Pancho he was cute ok? I really came to admire him and his decisions, WOW there were some monumental ones! Legaxy might be some spelling mistakes with the character’s name because i have read the book in Greek so i’m not entirely sure i translated them right.

The first boy disappeared on the day of his birth, on a night when the pale yellow moon that ruled the sky turned red and bathed the heavens in the ghastly color of blood, the same night the Empire of Cokyri abruptly ceased its merciless attack.

View all 10 comments. Also, when Miranna went missing Alera showed grief in short, sporadic moments but then her thoughts flittered to Steldor or Narian and I wondered how she could be thinking these things when her most beloved sister was being held, possibly tortured, by the enemy. He is also very clever and cunning.

The first half of the book is a safe cruise with bursts of danger thrown in between, but everything after that is heart-racing! But one thing I definitely did not enjoy in the book was that cliffhanger ending!


Still, I admire the author for managing to concoct a story at such a young age.

Kluver’s writing style always takes me by surprise because it’s easy to forget cajla is a young author. Another of my favorite characters was London, he is Alera’s bodyguard and he is tuff, sensitive, and just amazing with Alera, he was one of my favorites. The fact is, in her world women don’t really do anything. And many of the characters like London and Cannon told her that she had “strength”.

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I enjoyed this story as much as Legacy, the writing was still exemplary, rich and absorbing while a darker tone took over the book towards the end as legqcy engulfed Hytanica.

Sosehr ich es auch liebe Princess Alera is too young to recall a time when her kingdom had kluvr been at peace, but when a Cokyrian breaches the castle grounds with questionable motives, she gets a quick history lesson about the horrific war 16 years ago that ended with the death of newborns. She also took things in a direction I never expected and don’t think I’ve ever seen an author take.

After all, why exactly does Narian have to “save” her sister’s life by leading the invasion against her country? If I had to hear her complaining about how much she has to choose a husband for the kingdom I kluvrr I would have smacked her in the face. Could not get through this one–needed a lot more editing. Sacrifice, the final installment of the trilogy also has a release date slated.

Kluvre 15, Madison rated it it was amazing Shelves: I want to find out more about London. This book felt a lot like the story line of Romeo and Juliet with as much intrigue as there was romance. The horrible, horrible adverbs. The lost boy and View all 3 comments.