2) Determine if the Clubbell is the right training tool for you: This .. John, do you have any opinion on “The Clubbell Training Black Book“?. Clubbell Training for Circular Strength: An Ancient Tool for the Modern Athlete [ Scott Sonnon] on The Big Book of Clubbell Training Paperback . Tom Black. The Big Book of Clubbell Training [Scott Sonnon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Scott Sonnon, creator of the patented Clubbell®, has.

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I feel I have to rather grip harder with this design, and that the new coating would work better on a texture with more smooth surfaces. The clubbell is so well-suited for fat loss, that most users notice a decrease in bodyfat even when pursuing other goals.

[PDF] Clubbell Training Black Book – Free Download PDF

So, it should go without saying flubbell the clubbell can serve a broad range of purposes and training goals, such as: Jason February 20, Reply. It seems to work well.

I am very excited in starting my club bell program at home and your website was my inspiration. Sledgehammers — These were never designed with exercise in mind.

Please also note that I never said it will eliminate the risk of injury — just reduce it. Your presentation on Clubbells was well done.


The Complete Clubbell Review | Physical Living

Anyone knows someone that get hurt? Perhaps even get certified.

In my spare time I frequently weight train, some bodybuilding — but for personal gain not competition. The 5 lb MINI-clubbells are much shorter than all the other clubbells — even the black 5 lb clubbells. Even boook 45 lb clubbells will be enough of a challenge for the strongest of men.

Rubber will absorb more of the impact.

The Complete Clubbell Review

The weight is blacl more evenly throughout the blue mini-clubbells. Poor Fitness Level — No training experience, recent rehabilitation from injuries, small build. Ultimately though I had to buy a 10lb club for wrist casts and shoulder casts and mills with one hand. John November 22, Reply.

Clubbell Training Black Book

Paul Kilrain September 22, Reply. Alexandre January 17, Reply.

Here is what you neglect to mention. The 15lb pair are pretty challenging — my choked up grip slips quite easily and right now I cannot imagine doing single hand swipes or casts with this weight. Thanks for the unbiased and objective information. Robert January 23, Reply. I like the potential of having both a pair of lighter weights and a heavier single from the start, but your budget determines what you can afford. That is true, but in the end, I think the benefits of the clubbell far outweigh the benefits of any other club swinging tool currently available.


Even in tightly packed tools, the weight distribution is usually unbalanced, awkward to handle, and creates unnecessary strain in the joints.

This will help flush out any toxic by-products that accumulate with fatigue. Unfortunately I have not heard back from you for a while.

Thanks for posting this review, it helped me decide on which ones to buy. This statement is not true. There are over different traditional clubbell exercises taught in the Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training. Hi John Thank you for a great website: That might be right up your alley. Anne Marie February 18, Reply. So, if I had to choose one or the other for shoulder rehab, it would be the clubbell as this will be the superior tool that will better allow you to tap into deeper ranges of motion at the shoulder joints.

And if my memory serves me, I did send Scott and probably Nikolay, too an email once my review went live.

Naturally, there are a lot of clubbell exercises that cannot be performed with other longer tools.