The problem is is that I’m hopelessly in love with the d20 system and LOVE all the stuff that AEG put out for the rules for D20 L5R. I’m going to. (1) Oriental Adventures: Legend of the Five Rings, Rokugan Campaign Setting of the 5 Rings’ RPG system to the highly successful and popular ‘D20’ system. L5R D20 – Adv – Honor and , , KB. file, L5R D20 L5R D20 – Rokugan Campaign , , KB. file.

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Lots of amazing fiction, and rules that can be ported over to d20 easy.

The Phoenix Clan is known as the most skilled with magic in the empire, and also as the most peaceful. Even if you don’t play any L5R its a book about the way evil fights, how to fight it, and just why rkougan does what it does.

Results 1 to 10 of Long before the rise of Rokugan, the Naga had a vast d0 vibrant civilization. The risk level and severity of The Taint increase as one proceeds toward the center of the Shadowlands, The Black Pit, which is a direct physical connection to Jigoku. We liked how deadly it was because it made players look at all the RP options instead of fighting.


The Rokuban border Rokugan to the south and south-west.

Bloodspeakers – not written by AEG, but I include here anyway. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

They are trained heavily in Iaijutsu fast-draw rokugab where the sword is drawn and a killing blow is struck with one, very fast movement. Come from this family and not that family and you lose this feature but gain that one. A couple of prestige classes including the Master Craftsman which allows non-casters to craft awesome magic items. Some prestige classes and feats and spells, but more fluff.


Way of the Shugenja – Less useful for you than MoR. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From what I can gather from your post, Rokugan is already basically what you are looking at making, so seeing how someone else has done it might help you out a bit. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. The clan colors are grey and dark blue. Instead of having shugenja, have clerics with elemental domains standard. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Kitsune are mostly benevolent nature spirits that often take the form of an animal, but on occasion can take human form and sometimes fall in love with humans.

We loved the Honor and Glory rules too. The citizens and rulers of the Burning Sands and Ivory Kingdoms might disagree, however. Among the Minor clans are: This is exactly the kind of stuff I wanted to see. It’s definitely one of the better monster books out there.


And I am still waiting on the Secrets of the clans books. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: They have schools of magic associated with each element, including the empire’s only school dealing with Void magic. The spells are, imo, worth it, but the magic items are mostly just fluff or campaign points rather than unique abilities or meant for players. The clan colors are brown and tan. The Lion Clan is known as a very aggressive and honor-driven clan.

Rokugan – Wikipedia

The clan colors are crimson and black. For me, the d20 system made the game playable and made it worthwhile even to consider it. Most of the land the Dragon Clan holds becomes completely cut off from the rest of the empire during the winter due to heavy snowfall. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

A well-trained samurai with a sword is really rokugann to fear and I dig that. It is thematically based on a fantastic version of Arabia.