Birthright. 2 scholars of the world’s secret history would come to call the Sin War. It was not a war in the sense of men-at-arms—though there were those. All three Sin War books are currently available on the Blizzard Store .. I own the second book (Scales of the Serpent) and I have yet to read it. Diablo: The Sin War Book One: Birthright by Knaak, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It’s entertaining, especially if birfhright take it not-too-seriously. This make no sense whatsoever! Readers quickly learn that, in the years before this story begins, Uldyssian lost almost his entire family to a plague. Now I already bought the second book and dizblo the end I plan to read them all. Uldyssian is by far the silliest in my opinion, as he tries to be like a greek hero; Strong, Masculine and Clever, but also Tender, Humble and Emotional.

The young hero spoiler fights with demons lead by spoiler again. The story is like that of any good fantasy novel and while in some respect is predictable the characters and environment of diablo are unique and capture your attention. The beginning of Birthright, taking place in the small, cosy village called Seram, and the events panning out there was nirthright favorite part and it really set a good tone for the rest of the trilogy.

He questions the significance of either sect in the lives of common folk.

» Book Review : “The Sin War: Book One: Birthright”. Shattered Soulstone Podcast

Everyone is worried, but no one knows what to do and altogether – between cut scenes with the bad guy – I wonder what I’m reading and why I’m reading it.


Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Can we stop ripping off Greek myth? Achilios is deeply in love with a young woman named Serenthia, who is the daughter of the man who runs the trade center of Gook.

No swearing and small hints of sexual content. Being accused of the deed without a proper investigation, he starts manifesting strange powers: In the end this is good book if you want to start your journey into magic and mystic world demons and angels. He flees diiablo village, but is followed by his brother Mendeln, his best friend Achilios, and the two girls battling for his affection, Serenthia, daughter of the town trader and the mysterious Lylia.

View all 3 comments. Dear gods, this books is bad. Jun 14, TL Jeffcoat rated it really liked it Shelves: This was choppy and all over the place. You won’t know most of the characters in the trilogy but there are still a few familiar faces and quite a few characters related to them which was really cool to read about.

The Sin War 1Diablo 5. Other questions are left to be answered in the next book hopefully. I had a little confusion with books in which order to read them. Unfortunately, Serenthia is very much in love with Uldyssian, who has absolutely no interest in her.

Oct 27, Issac rated it really liked it. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t really like about it. Feb 23, Marco rated it really liked it Shelves: For those who are also a fan of the game, I would recommend it. I would have honestly expected a lot more from this book, considering how much effort Blizzard puts in their games and how good they are.

After the best bud went bye bye, I started to actually pay attention.


Oct 23, Amirreza Toosi rated it it was amazing. This may have also been why it was hard for me to diablk into the beginning.

I have to say that this was a good first part to the Sin War Saga. It’s entertaining, especially if you take it not-too-ser If you’re looking for a fast-food novel with a silly greek-hero-esque protagonist to laugh at, then this is for you. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Sin War (Novels)

Want to Read saving…. The descriptions of different fights I can imagine in my head as player and follower of this world, but for new readers maybe it would be a little difficult.

Now, the two brothers are running their farm, which is located just outside a small town called Seram. Liberty’s Crusade Jeff Grubb. The protagonist is very likeable and the plot twists keep you on your toes throughout the story.

Birthright (Diablo: The Sin War, #1) by Richard A. Knaak

She is about a decade younger than Uldyssian, and he still sees her as a child. Rise of the Horde Christie Golden. The story goes from point A to point B, introduces some characters who are quickly dispatched, our main character develops some nonsensical powers, he’s blamed for murder, then he must run. Nevertheless he provides for good entertainment, as does the book in general.

The events in this book gives y As a big time Diablo fan, I birtheight to read everything there was about it.