La propagación de plantas, a través de la embriogénesis somática, Tesis presentada en opción al grado científico de Master en Biotecnología Vegetal. UCLV. Embriogénesis somática en papaya cultivar ‘Maradol Roja’: una alternativa para either to produce a high number of plants (high quality vegetal material to be. La regeneración de plantas de cacao mediante embriogénesis somática se ha El manejo del material vegetal se llevó a cabo en cámara de flujo laminar.

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Biologia65 3: Besides, somatic embryo germination is affected by hyperhydricity and callus formation at spmatica base of the explant, leading to incomplete germination [6], and having the embriogehesis vitro shoots to be passed to a culture medium for rooting. Agricultural uses of somatic embryos. Another technical difficulty comes from the relative nature of papaya as refractive to tissue culture, with low percentages of in vitro establishment, low multiplication rates and the presence of endogenous bacteria when propagated from cultures under controlled conditions.

Somatic embryogenesis in woody plants USA: Cacao tissue culture protocol. The effectiveness of somatic embryogenesis in eliminating the cocoa swollen shoot virus from infected cocoa trees.

Respecto a este evento, Quiroz et al. SE has been mainly started from zygotic embryos as the most widely used type of explant for all the cultivars.

We also report the first studies in papaya under photoautotrophic conditions during the rooting phase, critical for the in vitro culture of this crop.


The study also provided evidence on the role of auxin transporters at all stages of histological differentiation during the development of somatic embryos. Actualmente la cadena productiva colombiana de cacao enfrenta varios problemas, principalmente en el sector primario.

So far, there was found a single report on the papaya tissue culture in vitro by using photoautotrophic conditions [9], but no details were referred about the most critical phase: It is expected that these results could have a positive impact on the propagation of this commercially skmatica crop in Cuba in the short time, also setting guidelines for future research on the genetic regulation during SE in papaya species.

Topicos de La Embriogenesis Somatica Vegetal : Florio De Real Sunshine :

Por otro lado, Li et al. INCI30 The role of activated charcoal in plant tissue culture. Several work report callus formation for other papaya cultivars prior to the formation of somatic embryos, vegetql of starting from zygotic embryo tissues with embryogenic predetermined cells which ultimately lead to an increase in genetic variability risks.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of cacao. Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Esto es coherente con los resultados obtenidos por Traore et al.

It is produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of pectic acid extracted from Persian lime Citrus latifolia Tanaka [10].

In addition, current morphologic, cytological, isoenzymatic and phenol contents analysis techniques are unable to determine plant sex in papaya seeds or seedlings embriogenexis.


In this sense, two or three seeds have to be planted per planting spot in order to generate a full hermaphrodite plantation, also having to eliminate the other two undesired phenotypes at flowering. Phloroglucinol in plant tissue culture. Factors affecting secondary somatic embryogenesis and embryo maturation in Morus alba L.

Looking for beautiful books? Somatic embryogenesis from integument perisperm cultures of coffee.

The developed plants were moved to a mix of potting soil and sand 1: Direct sowing of Coffea arabica somatic embryos-produced in a bioreactor and regeneration of plants. Ministerio de la Agricultura.

Topicos de La Embriogenesis Somatica Vegetal

Photoautotrophic culture provides several advantages, including growth and photosynthesis stimulation, high percentage of survival during the in vitro to ex vitro transition, the correction of physiological and morphological disorders in the cultured plants, avoids callus formation at the base of the embriogenesks what increases rooting, and reduces the losses due to microbial contamination. Histology of somatic embryogenesis in rice Oryza sativa cv.

Received in October, The histological analysis showed the typical embriogenessi of the embryogenic development.