ّCurrency: This publication is a compilation of the text of Public Law It was last amended by the public law listed in the As Amended. One of the most interesting was the price regulation and product allocation system set in place by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of (EPCA) which. The Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) of established an energy conservation program for pumps and other equipment. EPCA authorizes DOE to .

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Oil producing companies and oil producing states, such as Texas, [8] Alaska and North Dakota lobbied to lift the ban. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Energy Policy and Conservation Act of | Energy Security

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is bound to pipelines, creating several gas stocks that flow from producers to consumers in regional markets. The EPCA sensibly tried to improve US energy security by adding resilience to the energy market, primarily by addressing supply and demand and the inelasticities therein. Over the years, the American government has imposed a number of regulatory regimes on this industry.

With these aims, the low domestic energy prices in the present are not an original aim of the legislation.

In order to fully understand the manner in which the EPCA creates epac opportunities for rent-seeking, establishing a systemic framework of the oil industry is necessary. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975

Both sides are comprised of a relatively limited number of companies; API, by far the largest, only has about members, of which only a handful represent a substantial portion of the market.

This mismatch risks curtailing the energy boom by disincentivizing additional production. The current SPR sites are expected to be usable until around With some exceptions, the results indicate that the EPCA regulation system either raised prices or had no effect.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Under the EPCA and presidential discretion, most crude exports are illegal and, because oil is usually not useful in its crude form, this stock can only be converted into refined products. Despite 19975 measures and tariffs to raise prices and spur domestic energy production, it was not intended to be redistributional legislation. Construction of the first surface facilities began in June The EPCA gives rise to this particular situation as an spca consequence, which encourages distributional conflict that works against energy security.

To determine the impact of this regime, supply and demand equations are used to derive a reduced form model to test whether the other-things-equal prices of petroleum products were significantly lower or higher during the EPCA period than peca the comparatively unregulated s. Thus, export restrictions directly benefit the end consumers of gas. As US refineries control nearly the entire demand for this oil, in addition to maintaining access to foreign supply, they receive inordinate market power.

Bans Crude Oil Exports: With the US tight oil boom, the market has experienced an influx of high quality crude to the spca US 195 that has no epva but to be sold to US refiners. F0 search for similar items in EconPapers Date: With the boom in unconventional oil and gas sincewhich has come at a time of lower per capita demand, the US is well-positioned for energy security. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bibliographic data for series maintained by David Williams. One of the most interesting was the price regulation and product allocation system set in place by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of EPCA which lasted from until But few events so dramatically underscored the need for a strategic oil reserve as the oil embargo.


This analysis seeks examine the dynamics and political economy of the American energy market and interest groups therein.

This has created a large and inelastic supply of domestic oil. The law has banned crude oil exports, with the U.

Energy Policy and Conservation Act – Wikipedia

Fill was resumed in These results should lead epac caution on the part of policy-makers. The Natural Gas Market While similar to the oil industry, the natural gas market has its own nuances, though it remains similarly impacted by export restrictions. As such, the primary supply of natural gas in the US comes from domestic producers with a limited imports.