Directive /27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October on energy efficiency, amending Directives //EC and. The objective of this survey is to consult stakeholders and citizens on the Review of Directive /27/EU on energy efficiency (EED), foreseen for the second. EU Publications · EU Open Data Portal · Ted · Whoiswho · CORDIS · Portal of the Publications Office of the EU · N-Lex. Switch to mobile; Switch to desktop.

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Member States may require the cost-benefit analysis referred to in points c and d to be carried out in cooperation with the companies responsible for the operation of the district heating and cooling networks. This approach may only be used for savings resulting from changes in consumer behaviour. The system boundary ei be set to include the planned installation and the heat loads, such as building s and industrial process. Article 25 Online platform The Commission shall establish an online platform in energieeffizienzrichhlinie to foster the practical implementation of this Directive at national, regional and local levels.

Article 19 Other measures to promote energy efficiency 1.

Eu energieeffizienzrichtlinie 2012 pdf

Without prejudice to paragraph 11, the energieeffizienzrichtliine for the policy measures taken pursuant to the second subparagraph of paragraph 9 and Article 20 6 shall be as follows: The annual reports referred to in Article 24 1 provide a basis for the monitoring of the progress towards national targets. Artikel 30 Adressaten Diese Richtlinie ist an die Mitgliedstaaten gerichtet.

To remedy that, the Energy Efficiency Plan spelled out a series of energy efficiency policies and energieeffizkenzrichtlinie covering the full energy chain, including energy generation, transmission and distribution; the leading role of the public sector in energy efficiency; buildings and appliances; industry; and the need to empower final customers to manage their energy consumption.

Member States shall encourage public bodies, including at regional and local levels, with due regard to their respective competences and administrative set-up, to follow the exemplary role of their central governments ek purchase only products, services and buildings with high energy-efficiency performance. Energy transmission and distribution Article 15 The first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and the subsequent reports due every 10 years thereafter shall include the assessment made, the measures and investments identified to utilise the energy efficiency potentials of gas and electricity infrastructure referred to in Article 15 2.

Priority should be given to products offering the highest energy-saving potential as identified by the Ecodesign Working Plan and the revision, where appropriate, of existing measures.


More information and how to change the settings can be found here. Studies game theory, industrial economics, and applied microeconomics. Without prejudice to the requirements in Article 7 and with a view to limiting the administrative burden, each Member State may group all individual policy measures to implement Article 7 into a comprehensive national energy efficiency programme.

Zum Vergleich der Energieeinsparungen du zur Umrechnung in vergleichbare Einheiten sind die Umrechnungsfaktoren in Anhang IV zu verwenden, sofern die Verwendung anderer Umrechnungsfaktoren nicht gerechtfertigt werden kann. Member States shall ensure that final enregieeffizienzrichtlinie have the possibility of easy access to complementary information on historical consumption allowing detailed self-checks.

Member States may calculate primary energy savings from a production of heat and electricity and mechanical energy as indicated below without applying Annex I to exclude the non-cogenerated heat and electricity parts of the same process.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

This Directive shall enter into force on the twentieth day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. Availability of qualification, accreditation and certification schemes Ei The financing facilities could in particular use those contributions, resources and revenues to enable and encourage private capital investment, in particular drawing on institutional investors, while using criteria ensuring the achievement of both energieeffizienzrihtlinie and social objectives for the granting of funds; make use of innovative financing mechanisms e.

Member States shall require that central government buildings with the poorest energy performance be a priority for energy efficiency measures, where cost-effective and technically feasible. Zugang zu Finanzierungsquellen, Finanzhilfen oder Subventionen. The prices used in the economic analysis shall reflect the true socio economic costs and benefits and should include external costs, such as environmental and health effects, to the extent possible, i.


Member States shall ensure that the regulations and voluntary agreements referred to in point c of the second subparagraph of paragraph 9 comply with the criteria listed in points abcdeghi and j of paragraph Member States shall ensure that rules relating to the ranking of the different access and dispatch priorities granted in their electricity systems are clearly explained in detail and published.

Wird die Anerkennung eines Herkunftsnachweises verweigert, so kann die Kommission einen Beschluss erlassen, um die verweigernde Seite insbesondere aufgrund objektiver, transparenter und nichtdiskriminierender Kriterien zur Anerkennung zu verpflichten. Member States shall ensure that the reports include the following minimum information: Article 3 Energy efficiency targets 1. Improved modelling of the impact of energy efficiency measures and of the stock and performance of technologies is needed.


The Commission shall establish an online platform in order to foster the practical implementation of this Directive at national, regional and local levels.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Electricity production from cogeneration shall be considered equal to total annual electricity production of the unit measured at the outlet of the main generators. Chapter 12 Volume P.

Anbindung und Einsatz von Erzeugungsquellen auf niedrigeren Spannungsebenen. Only high-efficiency cogeneration, efficient district heating and cooling or efficient individual heating and cooling supply options should be taken into account in the cost-benefit analysis as alternative scenarios compared to the baseline.

Sie addiert die von den Mitgliedstaaten gemeldeten indikativen nationalen Energieeffizienzziele. Need more search options? The first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan shall include a short description of the national scheme referred to in Article 7 1 or the alternative measures adopted in application of Article 7 9. Member States eneegieeffizienzrichtlinie lay down the rules on penalties applicable in case of non-compliance with the national provisions adopted pursuant to Articles 7 to 11 and Article 18 3 and shall take the necessary measures to ensure that they are implemented.

EED – Energy Efficiency Directive (/27/EU) | Build Up

The scope of the cost-benefit analyses in question determines the relevant energy system. Article 17 Information and training 1.

Member States should determine, on the energieeffizienzrochtlinie of objective and non-discriminatory criteria, which energy distributors or retail energy sales companies should be obliged to achieve the end-use energy savings target laid down in this Directive. The Union is facing unprecedented challenges resulting energieeffizienzricthlinie increased dependence on energy imports and scarce energy resources, and the need to limit climate change and to overcome the economic crisis.

In cogeneration units with an annual overall efficiency below the value referred to in point i of point a cogeneration units of types bdefgand h referred to in Part II or with an annual overall efficiency below the value referred to in point ii of point a cogeneration units of types a and c referred to in Part II cogeneration is calculated according to the following formula: The Commission shall review the continued energieeffizienzrichtlibie for the eh of exemptions set out in Article 14 6 for the first time in the assessment of the first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and every three years thereafter.

Der gemeinsame Rahmen sollte Energieversorgungsunternehmen die Option bieten, allen Endkunden Energiedienstleistungen anzubieten und nicht nur ihren Energieabnehmern.