You can view the PDF files conveniently online with your browser – just click the link. Alternatively, you can save the information so that you can refer to it offline. Find out all of the information about the FRAKO product: power factor control relay / panel-mount / programmable / digital RM Contact a supplier or the. (see Table 1, pages 15 to 17) The Reactive Power Control Relay RM is Relay RM Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO.

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In the second line above a more accurate result can be achieved with tm same number of switching contactors. An effective supervision of the reactive power control system capacitor bank is secured by the power factor display. Specific rules and regulations must be observed. See also section 5. Call Send a quick message. The data which were determined whilst being put into operation for the first time are stored in a non-volatile memory.

Check the control circuit according to the circuit diagram and check fuses. All measuring instruments in current path must be connected in series Finer adjustment of the capacitor stages is required. During manual operation the present count for each stage can be displayed. A different current measuring meter e.

Reactive Power Control Relay RM

In order to keep the load on the current transformer as low as possible the supply lines should have a cross-section area of 2. By pressing the “-” button once “6.


However, if the control relay operates outside the band range, the RM will try to come within the band range with the minimum of switchings. The discharge time can be set between 5 and seconds. The outputs S1 and S2 of the current transformer are connected to the terminals S1 and S2 of the control relay. The effects are illustrated by the two examples in Figure 6 and Figure 7. Consumption em Current Path: The connection must be manually programmed as per Table 2.

For a current loss of longer than 3 secs capacitor stages connected are switched off. All failed stages are switched on from time to time in order to re-check their capacitance. Excellent after sales service and track record of consistent rrako levels put BARON as a Leader in their line of activities.

The control relay now identifies the location of the current and voltage source. This takes place in set mode and at the same time it is necessary to programme the connection and stage parameters manually see section 5. It must not be possible to touch the applied voltage at the alarm contact.

The display shows “” and after a discharge time for the capacitors the stages are switched on and off again one after the other. Relay was not in manual mode. The stage currents ascertained are then stored.

RM Power Factor Controller

The relay’s cyclic operations prolong the life of all connected devices by averaging the length rfako time the capacitor stages are switched on. Technical Data At the same time, the alarm contact closes and the “Alarm” LED lights up for as long as there is no voltage applied to the measurement input terminals fraako the control relay. This process takes at least 2 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. Foil keyboard with 4 buttons Design: The response current frakoo to half the width of the tolerance band, within which the reactive current can change without capacitor stages being switched on ftako off.


The order and the maximum value of the harmonics which have been exceeded, beginning with the maximum deviation, are displayed by multiple pressing of the “Set” button.

View from below 3 P Contents 1. The LED “Ampere” lights up. This is essential to ensure that the system does not oscillate. The set discharge period is maintained.

Setting the limitation value of 1 and a target power factor of 1. Independent setting of capacitor switching time to match discharge time of capacitor stages.

After the identification process the actual power factor appears on the display and the control relay begins to function. This means that even when active power is fed back into the mains, the dm relay ensures compensation for the reactive power which has been drawn from the mains.