Intralox Engineering Manual. Uploaded by andrew_ferrier Manual for design and selection of Intralox modular belt. Ideal for food grade type applications. Intralox. Modular Plastic Conveyor Belts. Belt Selection Guide. July . Design Engineers — Intralox has design the Intralox Engineering Manual. Conveyor Belting. Engineering Manual. WARRANTY. Intralox, Inc. warrants products of its own manufacture for a period of one year from date of shipment to the.

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Minimum sidewall indent is 1. Examples of this device include scrapers, rollers, and shoes; it differs from a belt snubber because it does not increase belt wrap or belt tension at the drive sprocket location.


Multiple Belts — One Drive Systems When multiple lanes of product are needed, driving multiple belts or conveyors from a single drive is an energy efficient option. Carryline’s conveyor system is a automated conveyor system, flexible, and very space saving conveyor system. Scraper Scraper Recommendations for ThermoDrive When scraping ThermoDrive belting, it is important to design and mount your scraper in the proper position to maximize performance as both a scraper and a position limiter.

If these modifications are not practical, the Intralox Technical Support Group should be contacted.

This is especially true in longer conveyors shaft to shaft length over 25 ft [7. The Intralox Engineering Program calculates the temperature factor automatically, based on the operating temperature of the application.


Generally, as the operating temperature increases, the belt will weaken in strength, but become tougher and more impact resistant. Using a full width sprocket or drum motor is ideal for both performance and sanitation. Self-set or split heavy-duty retainer type rings are recommended in these cases. The vertical distance between the centerline of the sprocket shaft and the top of the carryway.

Thermal expansion and contraction Installation of Intralox flat and angle wearstrips should allow for thermal expansion and contraction. Intralox was founded in June This arrangement is also good for heavily loaded applications. Further adjustment is not required.

Conveyors are mechanical devices or manuzl used to move items or packages with minimal effort. Ensure zero pre-tension in the conveyor. The company’s line of business includes manufacturing power transmission equipment. ThermoDrive belting is not to be tensioned. Additional sprockets may be required for heavily loaded applications. These systems can be manufactured in galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass or painted steel.

Japan Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare g.

They are used to move bulk material too, such as gravel or aggregate. Australian Quarantine Inspection Service f.

ThermoDrive® Technical Manual

Contact Customer Service for updated information. There are 25 intralox belting suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Intralox recommends dynamic rollers be a minimum diameter of 4 in mm for Polyurethane belts and 6. The following should be done only when retrofitting an existing center drive conveyor of conventional design.


It should be noted that under most conveyor conditions, only the carryway length needs to be considered when determining belt elongation. Intralox belts are made of plastic modules. Position Limiters 19 Position Limiters Position limiters are necessary to ensure proper, continuous engagement between Intralox ThermoDrive belting and drive sprockets without the use of pre-tension.

Nonstop conveyor belt monitoring based on X-ray technology is about to revolutionize long distance conveyor belt performance. Pitch Pitch Hub Dia. In general, we recommend 3 ft 0. Available for S FT 7 mm in polyurethane only.

Sizes Metric Sizes Dia.

Engineering Manual

An example enineering joint stagger is shown in Fig. Never return on scooped or degree flights. Intralox is a conveyor belt manufacturer that specializes in modular plastic conveyor belts, equipment and services. A kit that includes a welding system and other components to splice a ThermoDrive belt together.