Long a treasure trove for free illegal music, file-sharing website LimeWire was ordered to shut its doors Tuesday after receiving an injunction. The consent injunction, signed by Judge Kimba M. Wood of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, stems from an. U.S. district judge Kimba Wood in New York issued the permanent injunction Tuesday, ordering LimeWire to disable the “searching.

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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy. The permanent injunction prohibits Lime Wire from copying, reproducing, downloading, or distributing a sound recording, as well as directly or indirectly enabling or assisting any user to use the Lime Wire system to copy, reproduce or distribute any sound recording, or make available any of the copyrighted works.

Denver Post, October 27, In response to the ruling, a company spokesperson said that the company is not shutting down, but will use its “best efforts” to cease distributing and supporting P2P software.

An identity theft scheme involving LimeWire was discovered in Denver in A injuncfion attack crippled the production of several major newspapers across the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The signed ruling was made available lijewire The Recording Industry Association of America, which represents music companies. CNET’s best of However Lime Wire disables their client, there are plenty of alternative file-sharing software and networks available. They wouldn’t wait a year.

Retrieved April 17, The software was developed to help keep the Gnutella network alive and to maintain a good faith continuation of the original project without adware or spyware.


LimeWire resurrected by Secret Dev Team. The RIAA also announced intentions to pursue legal action over the damages caused by the program in January to compensate the affected limewirs labels. New York, October 26, Click here for a copy of the full decision. Subscribe to our newsletter, Threatpost Today! Plaintiffs have never explained to the Court how they would even go about determining how many direct infringers there were per work.

Beginning with LimeWire 4. In a statement, Lime Wire expressed disappointment at the ruling.

An October 12, report states that some of LimeWire’s free and open source software contributors have forked the project and called it FrostWire.

Or, enemy of my enemy?

We take your privacy seriously. Retrieved November 30, The rise to prominence of peer-to-peer filesharing networks oimewire singled out as a primary factor for this decline by the RIAA.

Yinka AdegokeJonathan Stempel.

Judge slaps Lime Wire with permanent injunction

The consent injunction, signed by Judge Kimba M. A federal court in New York issued a “permanent injunction” against LimeWire late on Tuesday, ruling that the platform intentionally caused a “massive scale of infringement” by permitting the sharing of thousands of copyrighted works by its 50 million monthly users.

It said the limewife will consider damages at a January trial. In May, Wood, who serves the Southern District of New York, granted onjunction judgment in favor of the music industry’s claims that Lime Group, injunctipn of LimeWire software maker Lime Wire, and founder Mark Gorton committed copyright infringement, engaged in unfair competition, and induced copyright infringement. The court also ruled that LimeWire should “use all reasonable technological means to immediately cease and desist” copyright infringements still taking place through applications already downloaded.


Click here for a copy of the full decision. Arista Records LLC v.

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In addition, you will find them in the message confirming the subscription to the newsletter. Wood ordered Lime Wire to create a copyright filter that would work on legacy software.

The website will continue “working with the music industry to move forward”, a LimeWire spokeswoman confirmed. Grokster “handed a tool to judges that they can declare inducement whenever they want to. Login Register Follow on Twitter Search. Internet Digital media Filesharing Media law news.

LimeWire file-sharing service shut down in US – BBC News

Archived from the original on September 22, The labels totally rejected the idea. Founded in by Mark Gorton, a former Wall Street trader, LimeWire is now restricted from allowing the searching and sharing of copyrighted material.

Get the latest breaking news delivered daily to your inbox. Lime Wire said the injunction lets it continue testing a service that allows users to buy music from independent labels. In response to allegations that a current or former member of Lime Wire LLC staff wrote and released the software, linewire company has stated that: However, Plaintiffs have alleged that there were more than million downloads of post works liewire the LimeWire system.