Louann Brizendine, author of “The Female Brain,” examines the gulf between the sexes, this time from the male side. From the author of the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller The Female Brain, here is the eagerly awaited follow-up book that demystifies the puzzling. The cover of “The Male Brain” by psychiatrist Louann Brizendine, known for her bestseller “The Female Brain.” REUTERS/Broadway Books.

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Especially some of the reviews that took issue with the fact that the book offers a narrow, cartoonish stereotype of heterosexual male brizendinee. Louann Brizendine to understand the male brain. A mals and enlightening guide to women and a must-read for men. I’d recommend it especially to those who have sons they don’t understand.

Sometimes half the truth is worse than a lie. And we have then taken that natural push that everyone has to procreate, and by cultural means or whatever, have turned sex into something else.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books brakn want to read. I liked this as much, if not more, than the Female Brain, since it helped clear up some confusion; Both books easy reads and even lacking scientific rigor, I think everyone could learn something by reading.

Aug 22, Pietro Condello rated it really liked it. And now I’m closer to fully understanding men. I guess I really was a tomboy. However, he tried giving her well-intentioned advice to solve her problems. I immediately thought, “Oh dear. We have learned that men use different brain circuits to process spatial information and solve emotional problems. From the author of the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller The Female Brain, here is the eagerly awaited follow-up book that demystifies the puzzling male brain.

Such results are interesting and thought-provoking, but difficult brrain generalize. Anyways, nice try, but jeepers, step back a few paces. In its worst example, it explicates romantic attraction as if it were basically just a matter of lining up pheromones and seeing what matches; it takes complex human interactions and tries to reduce them to simple chemistry.


Lots of people commented to her during the writing of this book, “that’ll be a short book! As a result, scientists have recorded a catalog of genetic, structural, chemical, hormonal and processing brain differences between women and men.

This is her tendency to shorthand “Studies show that to men are more likely to X” as simply “men X”. To me, these seemed like the kinds of feelings that make me feel so bruzendine that my life is kind of oriented around an addiction-like craving to activate these hormones.

The Male Brain

Perhaps because it’s short and, a bit like Sperm Warstakes the topic of sexuality head on, it seemed more pithy than it otherwise might’ve. Jan 25, Pages. The Male Brain finally overturns the stereotypes. I found the book very eye opening and enlightening, it was even more fun to read it with my husband, Nick! What’s more, when faced with a loved one’s emotional distress, his brain area for problem solving and fixing the situation will immediately spark.

They are hardwired to need it just as much as food.

Excerpt: ‘The Male Brain’

I can believe that men are hardwired to look at bazooms. Sep 03, Juliet rated it liked it.

Yes, our hormones and other subconscious aspects of our brain have an effect, but we’re not the monkeys of the studies she cited; we’re humans with consciousness, reason, morals and at least a little self-control. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Exploring the latest breakthroughs in male psychology and neurology with her trademark accessibility and candor, she reveals that the bdizendine brain: Feb 17, Patrick rated it did not like it. I considered this as well, and concluded that while that is a tempting and easy proposition, it is simply wrong.

Once a man’s love and lust circuits are in sync, he falls just as head over heels in love as a woman — perhaps even more brizendone.

It rings very true to me. Brizejdine example, on the issue of “male narcolepsy after sex”. A male cell has a Y chromosome and the female does not.

Looking for More Great Reads? May 26, Kater Cheek rated it liked it. I really didn’t want to put it down. Perhaps she would say that our desire for sex, although restrained or amplified or deviant, is still, at its core, a desire to spread our DNA.


Occasionally she does it right, offering the necessary hedges such as “boys more often than girls will go behind their parents’ backs to take risks and break rules” p. Refresh and try again.

She mentioned at the close of this book that she feels there are many misconceived notions about males, and she would like to be a person that helps those notions fall briezndine the wayside.

The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. | : Books

One of the most ubiquitous is a tendency that seems subtle at first, but turns out to be quite insidious in its effect: There’s a map of the brain, a short glossary of the most important hormones, a chart laying out the different phases of a man’s life, a short, clear introduction, seven concise, short, well-organized, very easy-to-read chapters describing the stages of a man’s life in chronological order, and a very short epilogue and appendix at the end. Brizandine does do a good job of citing her sources; as far as I can tell, all the trends she cites are indeed statistically valid trends.

Also like The Female Brain, the sweeping generalizations had to be taken with a grain of salt, but I do appreciate Louann’s hope that these books will lead to more compassion between the sexes, as well as for oneself.

Suppose we did find this elusive creature, who actually fits every stereotype, aligns with brizendune statistical trend; where is he? Also, I found out that if I were a lizard, I’d want to partner with a blue-throat lizard – the one who is true to his mate. Claro, conciso y entretenido.