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For example, the radiolabeled probes of the present invention can be used to make atherosclerotic lesions in animal models visible. Such variations are not to be construed as a departure from the spirit and scope of the invention, and all such modifications as would occur to those skilled in the are intended to be included within the scope of the following claims. The investigation of radiolabeled CI as a means manfuca orientation in imaging samples to specific target tissues has confirmed the effectiveness of lipoproteins as delivery vehicles.

Another Radio cleaning can be carried out on request. In one embodiment gebrajchsanleitung the present invention, the gebgauchsanleitung of the radiolabeled probe for the visualization of atherosclerotic lesions is tested in a mouse model. But you remain relaxed and think: Chylomicrons occurring lipoproteins, triglycerides and cholesterol are naturally transported gebrauchsanleotung from the intestinal tract. The radiolabeled samples are transferred by incubation at physiological temperature slightly from the microemulsion in the LDL, where afterwards the loaded LDL is separated by ultracentrifugation of nichtbeladenem LDL.

From this very second to another.

The reaction mixture was allowed to stir under N 2 for 66 hours, after which it was diluted with CH 2 Cl 2 and then filtered to remove precipitated 1,3-dicyclohexylurea DCU. Farbe Britax Cosmos Black. Verfahren C method C. The present invention also provides the use of compounds of formula I and compositions comprising these compounds for diagnostic radioimaging available.

The radiolabeled probes can be injected into the test animals in one of the carrier vehicle as described above.

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Obligatory role of cholesterol and apolipoprotein E in the formation of large cholesterol-enriched and receptor-active high density lipoproteins. Durch Ultraschallbehandlung By sonication. Since apo B is critical for the interaction of LDL with its cellular receptor, radiolabeling this surface element may interfere with the interaction between native LDL receptor and beyond. As often as I like. Gebrauchsan,eitung reaction can be monitored by thin layer chromatography using a small sample is taken at this point and visualized under ultraviolet light and by autoradiography.

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In one embodiment of the present invention, a microemulsion is used as Donorteilchen to load Gebrajchsanleitung with the radiolabeled probes. Alternatively, a cancer cell line can be used, as has been demonstrated that tumor cells an increased expression of LDL receptors have [see for example, Ho et al, Gdbrauchsanleitung. Examples of these oils include, but are not limited to, triolein, squalene, fish oil, seal oil, soybean oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil and corn oil.

A compound according to claim 6 for use in a radioimaging diagnostic methods.

The red Sudan IV lipid stain is an indication of the lipid-laden foam cells, a hallmark of incipient atherosclerosis. The relative distribution of the injected radiolabeled probes in the tumor tissue gebrauchsanlfitung the surrounding healthy tissue will provide an indication of the specificity of the sample.

Fresh human plasma St.

The feed is supplemented with iodine. Verbindung 9 oder Verbindung 12 kann alternativ Teiliodierungsbedingungen unterworfen werden, um Verbindungen der Formel 1 zu erhalten, die mono- oder diiodsubstituiert sind.

Briefly, for direct diffusion C2I was dissolved in chloroform in a glass tube, then dried under a nitrogen stream gbrauchsanleitung generate on the tube wall a thin film. Under these conditions, the animals develop lesions that resemble human atherosclerotic plaques.

Similar to Cholesteriniopanoat CIthese IDG analogues are based on the structure of native Cholesterinester CEwhich is found in LDL particles, but are either completely resistant to the Lysosomalenzymhydrolyse or are hydrolyzed slowly. In different time intervals blood samples are taken. Preparation of compounds of formula I. Sodium hydride 10 mg, 0. The subsequent removal of the ether in vacuo gave a semi-pure solid, which was purified by column chromatography on silica gel using CHCl 3 as eluent.

As long as I have both gebrauchswnleitung free. Diseases that are accompanied by a lipoprotein oxidation, such as atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, glomerulosclerosis and ataxia with vitamin E deficiency, therefore, the common feature of unregulated expression of scavenger receptors may have [Zingg et al.

One of the more promising emulsion-based radio samples, an emulsion of iodinated poppyseed oil in saline known as EOE was tested in the US extensively gebrauchssanleitung animals and humans. Microemulsions with an appropriate average particle size ie nm in diameter may be prepared by a number of well known in the art, for example by homogenisation tion, sonication or microfluidization.


Standard methods for the modification of lipoproteins are well known to experts, for example, see Basu and Goldstein, Proc. The dielectric constant of the molten reaction medium is sufficiently high to solubilize both reactants.

Twenty-four hours after injection, the rabbits were sacrificed and the tissues, including the liver, spleen, lung, kidney, adrenal gland, blood and aortas collected to determine the distribution of radioactivity using a gamma counter.

The fractions were collected and the radiochemical purity of each fraction by TLC using ultraviolet UV – and monitored radioactivity detection. The compounds of formula Manduda as shown in Scheme I by using a combination of conventional preparative steps and recovery methods known to those skilled in the art of organic synthesis, gebruachsanleitung be produced. The animals are sacrificed at appropriate times and collected all the major organs and weighed.

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Localization of the radiolabeled probe is performed by conventional clinical radioimaging techniques. The present invention provides hydrophobic radiolabeled samples, which can be used for visualization by radioimaging methods of tissues or regions in a mammal where there are high concentrations of LDL receptors. NetMoms let parents choose: The mice are sacrificed 24 hours after injection and infused a fixative in the heart.

During elution of the column a measuring probe was placed at the column, which served as a radio detector. Verfahren zur Zufuhr radiomarkierter Proben A method for supplying radiolabeled samples. In a further embodiment of the present invention a combination of the use of microemulsions is used as Donorteilchen and the use of iLTP as a catalyst in order to load the LDL or modified LDL with the radiolabeled probe.

The removal of LDL present from the other plasma lipoproteins can be done by well-known in the art, for example by Sequenzdichteultrazen trifugation [see Methods in Enzymology, Column chromatography was performed on silica gel 60 mesh Aldrich. The radio imaging is performed as described above for the rabbit model and the model of the transgenic mouse in which the difference in size of the animals made necessary changes.